The Association for High Technology Distribution

Creative Motion Control is a proud sponsoring member and sits on the Manufacturer Advisory Council (MAC) of the Association for High Tech Distribution.

AHTD is an organization dedicated to advancing the high technology distribution industry by delivering tools, education and amazing networking opportunities to the distributors and manufacturers.

AHTD is comprised of over 300 automation solution provider and manufacturer members who deliver technology-based products, services and solutions to the automation marketplace, so it’s the perfect place for CMC to meet and recruit the best high-tech distributors in the country. The association meets twice per year and does a terrific job of facilitating education and networking. The chance for manufacturers and distributors to communicate about and learn how to meet each other’s needs is incredibly valuable to CMC’s success,

CMC’s products are highly engineered solutions that require experienced, technical sales engineers to effectively support CMC’s customers — integrators, OEMs and end users. As a manufacturer in the factory automation and linear motion control spaces, being part of AHTD is a must.

The MAC provides a means for the manufacturer members to have a voice in the program content of the meetings, including sponsorship opportunities, product showcases and speaker topics. The MAC ensures that manufacturers are engaged and interested in the success of the Association.