CMC Launches Complete Line of Roller Screw Actuators

In conjunction with Automate 2017 in early April, Creative Motion Control has launched the first of three lines of actuators featuring CMC Roller Screws, CMC Grooved Roller Thrust Bearings, and CMC Variable Speed Gearboxes.

The CPD Roller Screw Actuator family consists of five standard frame sizes; 2.5″, 3.5″, 4.5″, 6″ and 7″ and are compatible with virtually any servo motor.

CMC’s actuators are an excellent alternative to traditional fluid power solutions, providing higher forces, higher speeds, more efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership, all in a maintenance free package.

Product Features:

  • CMC Roller Screw
  • CMC Grooved Roller Bearing (GRB), matched to roller screw load capacity for extended life and/or reduced size and weight
  • CMC gearbox with multiple gear set options
  • Up to 75,000 lbf maximum continuous force
  • Speeds up to 39 inches per second
  • Standard strokes from 4” to 36”
  • Optional absolute position feedback using integrated MTS Temposonic Sensor
  • O-Rings and Elastomeric Seals throughout — IP65 compliant
  • Rugged Hydraulic Tie Rod Construction
  • Zero maintenance required with standard CMC proprietary lubrication system

CMC is proud to manufacture in the US and is looking forward to providing the market with cost effective and rapid lead time solutions.

Contact CMC at for more information.

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