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Linear Actuators in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace engineering has become a powerful industry in the last decade. As technology becomes more streamlined, affordable, and accessible, we’ve seen a huge increase in hobbyists and private companies looking to make their mark in aerospace and aviation. 

With this increase in private investment, we need more products that are easy to use, highly functional, and pass stringent safety and durability tests. Creative Motion Control’s aerospace linear actuators are made to be precise and dependable for a variety of functions across aerospace and aviation applications. 

Aerospace linear actuators perform a variety of vital functions in air transportation. If it flies, it contains a linear actuator. From ventilation to lever control, each application requires something different. Even if you aren’t building something that flies, aerospace actuators can play an essential role in your project. Flight simulators, for example, often use linear actuators to control movement.

For almost 20 years, Creative Motion Control and our team of rocket scientists have been making motion control products and linear actuators for the aerospace industry. Aerospace and aviation have unique requirements when it comes to ensuring top performance of each application. Successful companies and projects must include impeccable customer support standards, meticulous attention to safety, and precision engineering with specialized craftsmanship. 

Creative Motion Control has set and exceeded the bar in our industry for over 15 years. Aerospace engineers founded and built our company, and we know firsthand how quality equipment can make or break a project. We consider every element down to the smallest screw from concept to completion. We test our aerospace linear actuators against the most extreme conditions to ensure total perfection for the life of the product. 

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Our company is based in a small town outside of Seattle, Washington. We are proud to continue our legacy as one of the leading aerospace actuator manufacturers of aerospace actuators, with production of all components located in the USA.

Now more than ever, putting money into local and domestic businesses is vital to growing and improving our economy. That’s why Creative Motion Control has constantly innovated in the aerospace field since our foundation in 2002. Since then, we have become a leading manufacturer of American made linear motion control products.

We’ve made it our specialty to fine-tune and reevaluate our processes according to the most up to date practices in the technological field. We update our information and research new methods and materials regularly to ensure we continue to offer the best product on the market. We are fascinated and driven by the desire to do things faster, make products stronger, and push the limits of aerospace engineering and the industry as a whole.

In addition, we feel strongly about keeping our environment safe for decades to come. Our electromechanical linear actuators are more efficient than classic aerospace hydraulic actuators. Hydraulic actuators can bleed air or leak fuel, which can have negative effects on the environment and create hazardous waste. Using electromechanical methods means no leaks and that each product has computer precision to increase output while requiring less input. 

Our aerospace linear actuators reduce the power needed to function properly. That allows you to build your project using significantly less power than previous hydraulic actuators and even some of our competitor’s motion control products.

Using less power also uses less money. Combined with the virtually zero maintenance our guaranteed units require, using Creative Motion Control’s electromechanical linear actuators can significantly reduce costs and labor.

After many hours of research, our team discovered the high failure rates of roller screw and other aerospace linear actuators. Electric linear actuators made by our competitors can sometimes fail due to insufficient lubrication.

At Creative Motion Control, we invented our proprietary version that uses a closed-cycle system to keep the actuator well-oiled with little to no hands-on maintenance. We can even create custom systems with specific oils depending on the temperature and climate of your intended application.

In addition to our constant research, Creative Motion Control takes a customer first approach. Our team works with you on your project from start to finish with individualized attention. We want to make sure our electromechanical actuator is exactly what you need.

We work with you from day one to ensure we develop the parameters of our actuators to suit your exact specifications. We know not every project ends up as planned the first time, and we enjoy working with customers to hone their custom linear actuator until it works perfectly. 

Aerospace Industry Electric Actuator Specifications & Capabilities

Our products keep people safe, so we take our testing seriously. We run rigorous tests on each product before we make them available on the market to eradicate errors so you don’t experience them. Our actuators stand out from the rest with a few fundamental differences. 

While we can’t control the weather, we can control our products’ response. We equip our aerospace linear actuators to deal with any kind of weather. Using rugged materials keeps our products low maintenance and makes our motion control products last. 

We also equip our linear actuators with power densities that surpass our competitors. In similar weight and size categories, our actuators consistently come out on top. More power and less bulk mean you can control your aerospace project even more precisely for maximum efficiency and aerodynamics.

Our electromechanical linear actuators are unique in that we house them with an anti-rotation device already in place, a simple solution that can save you time, effort, and money long-term. 

We build our products to extreme performance specifications. Holding ourselves to the highest standard in aviation and aerospace engineering ensures we product the safest, highest-quality products possible. We take pride in our work, and our aerospace linear actuators are capable of anything you throw at them.

Our aerospace linear actuators have the following performance specifications for maximum performance and efficiency:

  • Broad-spectrum temperature endurance
  • High resistance to vibration and shock
  • Complete sealing and no risk of leaks
  • High bandwidth servo response
  • Resistance to radiation and vacuum exposure

We run our products through rigorous testing processes. Every project requires something different, and our testing team works with you to ensure your item is tested for your specific application. We track and monitor every purchase that leaves our facility: no runarounds or phone tag.

We are up to date on all necessary certifications and continue to update our testing regimen as new methods become available. We also regulate our units that work out in the aerospace field. Our current testing regimen includes the following:

  • ESD prevention programs
  • Revision control
  • Conformal coatings
  • Working with FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) to attain Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) certification
  • 100% acceptance testing
  • Electronic soldering and assembly certifications
  • Lot tracking
  • FAA 8130-9 (Statement of Conformity) process

Dependable Electric Linear Actuators for the Aerospace Industry

At Creative Motion Control, we believe dependability is the most important factor when you’re looking for motion control products. Having a system you can rely on to work right every single time is essential, especially in aerospace and aviation applications.

Lives are at stake, and we take our job seriously with 100% acceptance testing on each unit. Every day we learn something new to better our research, design, and manufacturing techniques. That commitment to our customers and their projects keeps us innovating so you continue to get the best aerospace linear actuators.

From our company based in the Pacific Northwest, we are proud to offer products made in America. We feel passionate about creating local jobs ranging from aerospace manufacturing to design and supporting our economy here in the United States.

Understanding our suppliers and materials keeps our products consistent. It also allows us to customize our electromechanical actuators to our clients’ exact specifications.

We founded Creative Motion Control 18 years ago to merge the values of innovation in engineering and exceptional customer service. We work tirelessly to keep that mission at the heart of what we do. We are innovators and engineers excited by the boundless fields of aviation and aerospace, and we strive to help our clients access the great unknown.

Getting a quote from us is easy. Our user-friendly online platform lets you find the part you need, whether you need a replacement or have a query. We can send an application worksheet to your email, so you won’t spend hours looking through a catalog hoping to find the item you need. We also have simple catalogs and brochures available if you’re still researching your project. 

Our special customer-centric approach to motion control engineering means you’re never alone. Once you’ve started your project, we’re here to see it through with you. Request a quote using the form on our website is all it takes to get you started.

No inquiry is too small, and all of us here at Creative Motion Control are happy to help you achieve your goals with your business and hobby. Our hands-on experience and research capabilities mean you aren’t just buying equipment—you’re gaining an advocate to stand by you on your way to success.