Linear Actuator Products for Automotive Applications

Linear Actuators in the Automotive Industry

Automobile manufacturing is taxing work that requires the most reliable and strongest tools on the market in order to run at peak proficiency. At Creative Motion Control, we serve the automotive industry by producing high force electric actuators that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Not only are our electric linear actuators safer than competing technologies (like pneumatic and hydraulic systems), they are stronger, more durable, and last for many years longer than other actuator styles. Creative Motion Control’s electric actuators also require minimal maintenance in order to run and are an energy efficient solution for automotive companies hoping to convert to their processes to clean energy.

Boring & Honing

High force density and precision are crucial in a boring and honing actuator application. Our high force electric actuators supply these and more, offering a number of advantages over competing technologies. Some of the benefits of our linear actuators include higher system stiffness, precise velocity control, and lower energy consumption (meaning a lower operating cost).

Robotic Welding

As an increasing number of automotive companies make the switch to clean, electric actuators, robotic weld guns are the application being most frequently converted from fluid and air power to electromechanical. In contrast to older technologies, our robotic welding actuators are lighter, more compact, don’t require water cooling, have reduced expulsion, and produce stronger welds.

Clamps and Pivots

Creative Motion Control’s electric linear actuators are a long-lasting solution that requires almost no maintenance in order to run at peak proficiency. Our actuators are easily programmable, quiet, are easy to operate, and have a low operating cost due to their small energy consumption.

Assembly/Trim Presses

Assembly and trim presses are critical to the automotive industry. These large and powerful machines work with a wide range of materials and require repeatable and precise actuators in order to run correctly. Creative Motion Control’s electromechanical actuators are the propulsion solution your company needs. Our systems are highly precise, both in velocity and position control. They are also extremely repeatable and can be easily programmed and operated.

Fastening & Joining

High force actuators are required for proper fastening and joining. Our powerful actuators offer accurate force monitoring to ensure that your clenching, piercing, and riveting is done right every time. In contrast to bulky hydraulic and pneumatic systems, our electric actuators are smaller, quieter, are easier to program, and have a lower operating cost.