Construction Electric Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator for Construction Applications

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The construction industry depends on a massive range of equipment and machinery. These applications must be able to operate in harsh weather conditions and also be resistant to shock, vibration, and debris. In this kind of work environment, having a robust linear actuator for construction applications is vital for maintaining precise motion control.

Here at Creative Motion Control, our new electric linear actuator designs are able to withstand brutal weather conditions, dusty environments, harsh handling, and severe overloading. Our line of actuators are used in a wide range of applications and are renowned for their power, high-quality, and dependability.

Construction Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator for Construction Applications

Our actuators are used in a variety of construction applications and serve a critical role in construction site automation. Some of the places you might find a CMC linear actuator product are:

Aerial decks: These play an important role in many job sites and use linear actuator systems to go up and down.

Highway vehicles:  Linear actuator systems provide construction trucks and rigs with the hard-wearing torque and force necessary for high force motion control.

Diggers, excavators, and dump trucks: The movement of these large machines is executed by powerful electric actuators.

Heavy-weight equipment: This includes cranes, high loading machines, towing trucks, and the like. These construction applications linear actuator systems provide the ability to lift, push, and move effectively.

Safety baskets: Like aerial decks, these machines rely on CMC’s electric actuators to provide their ability to up and down.

Any construction application/component that requires motion control: You will find at least one linear actuator in nearly every piece of construction equipment that moves, including throttles, steering wheels, carry-along stairs, side mirrors, hatch/door control, and hood lifts.

If you are in need of a reliable and rugged motion control system, look no further than the electric linear actuators produced here, at Creative Motion Control.

Construction Linear Actuator