Military Linear Actuators

Linear Actuator for Defense Applications

Linear actuators are present in a wide variety of defense and military applications. From logistics to transport, weapon operation, and other crucial applications, defense linear actuators help ensure the safety of your company as well as the performance of your equipment.

In many cases, linear actuators are exposed to demanding weather conditions, heavy impacts, and other environmental stressors. For this reason, the motion control systems used in the defense industry need to be durable, efficient, and reliable.

Linear Actuators in the Defense Industry

Linear actuators are commonly used for motion control, provision of torque, and equipment automation. They’re a common component found in cannon carriers, fighter jets, tanks, marine vessels, and other vehicles.

Defense industry applications rely on strong propulsion systems that are able to continue operating even in the harshest of environments. Here at Creative Motion Control, our electric linear actuators are built for longevity under taxing conditions. We use rugged components to ensure long-lasting torque and motion control for military machinery.
Unlike competing actuator technologies (like hydraulics and pneumatics), our actuators for military applications can be programmed easily, are quiet, and can operate for long periods of time with little-to-no maintenance.

Linear Motion Applications on Land – Military

Land-based vessels like cargo trucks and combat vehicles have a variety of features that depend on linear actuators. From turret control to gun elevation, weapons positioning to door/hatch actuation, Creative Motion Control’s electric linear actuators can be used for any sort of motion control.

We produce specialized electromechanical CPD systems that are significantly safer than hydraulic actuators which can contain highly flammable liquid.

Linear Motion Applications at Sea – Military

Marine vessels are crucial to the defense industry because they travel long distances without maintenance and can carry thousands of crew members. Boats, submarines, and fighter jet carriers feature a wide variety of actuators that serve hundreds of different purposes.

In order to maintain a constant state of readiness, naval defenses require low-maintenance motion control mechanisms. Our electric actuators are built from high-quality materials and designed to need minimal maintenance. When things go sideways, Creative Motion Control’s actuators will provide you with accurate and dependable motion control the first time, every time.

Our roller screws and CPD actuators are used in a wide variety of naval applications, including: cargo conveyors, jet blast deflector operations, load ramp positioning, and hatch actuation.

Benefits of Getting the Best Electric Linear Actuators for Defense Applications

At CMC, we produce a wide range of customizable actuators that can be used in a variety of military and defense applications. Our linear actuator systems are powered by an electric source and feature a sealed design, making them ideal for land, air, and marine vehicles.

In addition to safety and flexibility, we also focus on producing durable actuating products that deliver results under the most demanding conditions. Some of the advantages of choosing Creative Motion Control actuator systems include:

  • Performance: Our actuators are high-duty, high-speed, and high-force, so they can be used in different areas without compromising the quality of their performance.
  • Durability: All of our actuators go through a thorough testing process to ensure their durability.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is imperative in the military and defense industry. Our actuator systems are ideal for turret elevation, platform operation, and other common military applications.
  • Cost-Effective: Electric actuators bring a number of performance and durability benefits that make them a safe and cost-effective option.
  • Maintenance: Actuators from CMC require little to no maintenance thanks to their powerful electric source and ultra-efficient design.
  • Customization: While we produce a standard set of actuators for the defense and military industry, we also produce customized motion control mechanisms that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Choose Creative Motion Control Linear Actuators for Your Defense Organization?

Since we opened our doors, our main priority has been manufacturing quality actuators that are suitable for multiple applications. Throughout the years, we’ve collaborated with multiple defense organizations and designed specialized actuating devices a variety of military applications.

Below, you’ll find some of the features available in CMC linear actuators.

Multiple Motor Options

The actuators used for motion control, provision of torque, and equipment automation have different capacities, which is partially due to the multiple motor options available. Our actuating systems can feature different types of electric and electromagnetic motors, so they can be used for the most demanding applications like marine vessel stabilization.

Sealed Chamber Design

Hydraulic actuators rely on flammable liquid to move hatches and other elements, but this requires an open design that may eventually cause a leak. Unlike hydraulic systems, our actuators are powered by electric motors, which allows them to have a sealed chamber design that minimizes malfunction risks.

High-Capacity and Extreme Precision

When used in military applications, actuators are expected to perform under extreme conditions and still deliver precise results. Thousands of military personnel rely on our actuators to keep them safe in the most demanding environments, so we understand the importance of having high-capacity devices in your organization.

Our actuating devices are designed to operate in sand, fog, rain, and snow time and time again without jamming or malfunctioning. Not only this, but we also ensure that our devices are ultra-precise and suitable for any motor, reducer, or gearbox.

Rugged Actuators with Anti-Rotating Features Available

Depending on the application, you may need to implement actuators that have rugged pistons and anti-rotating capacities. You can browse through our collection of actuators or get in touch with our team to start working on your custom anti-rotating actuating system.

Cost-Effective and Reliable

Our actuating systems offer a reliable solution at a competitive price. For years, we’ve firmly believed that the best manufacturers offer their solutions at a fair price, so we strive to deliver the best actuating systems that don’t cost a small fortune. Whether you’re a private organization or a national institution looking for an actuating system for its next project, our team will be glad to develop a perfect solution in all senses.

Contact CMC to Learn More About Our Defense Linear Actuators

Creative Motion Control is one of the leading linear actuator manufacturing companies specializing in the military industry. Our team of seasoned engineers, technicians, and designers have the ability to design and manufacture reliable actuators based on your specifications. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for unusual configurations or unique ratios, our shop has all the equipment necessary to produce the perfect pieces for your different applications.

We’re committed to manufacturing quality actuators for military applications, including marine vessels, ground vehicles, and aircrafts. If you’re interested in learning more about our standard or custom actuators, contact Creative Motion Control today and we’ll be glad to help.