Linear Actuator Products for Defense

Linear Actuators in the Defense Industry

Defense industry applications rely on strong propulsion systems that are able to continue operating even in the harshest of environments. Here at Creative Motion Control, our electric linear actuators are built for longevity under taxing conditions. We use rugged components to ensure long-lasting torque and motion control for defense and military machinery.

Unlike competing actuator technologies (like hydraulics and pneumatics), our actuators for military applications can be programmed easily, are quiet, and can operate for long periods of time with little-to-no maintenance.

Linear Motion Applications on Land – Military

From turret control to gun elevation, weapons positioning to door/hatch actuation, Creative Motion Control’s electric linear actuators can be used for any sort of motion control.

We produce specialized electromechanical LPD and CPD systems that are significantly safer than hydraulic actuators. This is because our electric actuators are completely sealed and don’t pose the risk of fluid leaks.

Linear Motion Applications at Sea – Military

In order to maintain a constant state of readiness, naval defenses require low-maintenance motion control systems. Our electric actuators are built from high-quality materials and designed to need minimal maintenance. When things go sideways, Creative Motion Control’s actuators will provide you with accurate and dependable motion control the first time, every time.

Our naked roller screws and LPD/CPD actuators are used in a wide variety of naval applications, including: cargo conveyors, jet blast deflector operations, load ramp positioning, and hatch actuation.

Airborne Military Applications

Safety is top priority when it comes to airborne military applications. This is why an ever increasing number of military manufacturers are switching from hydraulic actuation to electric linear actuators. Hydraulics come with the risk of leaks and increased combat susceptibility from flammable hydraulic fluid. Creative Motion Control’s actuators for the military keep you flying safe by providing you with clean, electric power.

Our robust actuators are optimized to operate flawlessly in harsh environments. We frequently see our motion control systems used in a number of airborne military applications, including: inlet guide vanes, test stands, hatch/door control, and fuel valve control.