Forestry Linear Actuators

Linear Actuator Products for Forestry Companies

Forestry companies rely on specialized machinery to harvest, process, and transport lumber and other goods. Having accurate, durable, and cost-effective equipment allows forestry companies to establish and maintain effective processes that maintain operating costs as low as possible. However, this is only possible through the implementation of quality forestry linear actuators and other innovative elements that result in greater speed, accuracy, and durability.

At Creative Motion Control, our team of experienced engineers and technicians manufactures forestry linear actuators designed for the lumber industries. Our team understands the amount of pressure and demanding conditions that these machines have to operate in, so we focus on creating designs and using materials that ensure superb performance every time.

To learn more about our linear actuators for forestry, contact Creative Motion Control and our team will be glad to help.

Linear Actuators in the Forestry Industry

Forestry linear actuators are quickly taking the place of the bulky and high-maintenance hydraulic and pneumatic systems which have been traditionally used in sawmills. One of the main reasons for this transition is because electric actuators have power densities that are far greater than those found on competing technologies. Furthermore, electric actuation is clean, quiet, and requires almost no maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

From edging and canter saws, to log clamping and debarking, the rugged electric actuators produced here at Creative Motion Control are the perfect solution for your motion control needs. The parts produced in our facilities are specifically designed for the forestry industry, so we choose designs and materials that exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Our powerful electric linear actuators are built from damage-resistant materials and provide precise and forceful positioning at high speeds. Similarly, our actuators can endure brutal weather environments, dusty conditions, rough handling, and overloading. Our forestry actuators are used in a variety of logging applications and are famous for their consistency and dependability. You can rest assured that regardless of the area, type of lumber, or size of the operation, our forestry actuators will perform exactly as intended.

The Role Of Electric Linear Actuators In Forestry Applications

The forestry and lumber industries are among the most demanding in terms of machinery wear-and-tear. Uneven work surfaces, logs and trunks of different sizes, and around-the-clock operations are just some of the elements that can affect the performance of your equipment. Luckily, our electric forestry actuators are designed to perform under the most demanding environments, plus our team can tweak our designs to match your specific requirements.

You can find Creative Motion Control’s electric actuators in a range of forestry applications and machines. These include:

  • Debarking and log clamping
  • Canter saws and edging saws
  • Arbor gang systems
  • Veneer peeling machines
  • Flying saws
  • Pre-presses and presses
  • Band mills and chippers

Advantages of Using Linear Electric Actuators

Before the development of electric linear actuators, pneumatic actuators were the most commonly used. However, pneumatic models have a variety of setbacks, including the requirement of maintenance if they are to maintain their long-term performance.

While pneumatic actuators require oil, our linear actuators run on electricity, making them better for the environment and much easier to maintain. Electric actuators are also safer, as they are completely sealed and don’t contain flammable liquids. Running on electricity also makes our linear actuators more efficient, which means a lower operating cost for operators.

A few more advantages of switching from pneumatic and hydraulic systems to electronic actuators are:

  • Low maintenance
  • The ability to run on green energy
  • Sealed chamber design
  • Durable components mean a long life for our actuators
  • Flexible motor options
  • Internal anti-rotation device
  • Customizable design options
  • Rugged Chrome Piston
  • Easy to program

Why Choose Creative Motion Control for Your Forestry Linear Actuators?

If you are in need of a reliable and rugged motion control system for your forestry company, look no further than the electric linear actuators produced here, at Creative Motion Control. We designed forestry actuators that are designed to endure the most demanding conditions while still ensuring accuracy, load capacity, and great overall performance.

Our customers enjoy superior actuator quality, longevity, and excellent customer service. If you aren’t sure which actuator is right for your application, our expert staff will help you identify which actuator is perfect for your project. We have decades of experience, a large team made up of experienced professionals and multiple facilities that allow us to tackle complex projects and keep them completely in-house.

To find out more about our forestry linear actuators, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.