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Linear Actuator Products for Manufacturing Automation

Linear Actuators for the Manufacturing Industry

Linear actuators are vital to the function of robotic and automatic processes in a wide range of different manufacturing applications. These actuators can be used for any straight-line movement, including: opening and closing dampers, locking doors, and braking machine motion.

Many manufacturers have been replacing pneumatic and hydraulic actuators with electric systems. This is because electric actuators don’t come with the risk of leaking oil, are smaller, and have a much higher power density than that found on hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Additionally, electric actuators are more environmentally friendly, don’t use as much power, and require little-to-no maintenance. All of these advantages result in a low operating cost for electric linear actuators.

Here at Creative Motion Control, our robust electric actuators are designed and created for long-lasting and reliable motion control. Our actuation systems are resilient in the harsh conditions of the manufacturing industry and will provide your company with precise and forceful positioning at high speeds. We build our components from the strongest materials on the market, which results in electric linear actuators that can endure dusty conditions, rough handling, brutal weather, and overloading.

How Electric Linear Actuators Serve Manufacturing Applications

Our electric linear actuators are built to provide dependable, automated and controlled straight-line movement for a variety of manufacturing applications. Each component in our actuators is built to last, from the motors to the linear guides.

Creative Motion Control’s actuators can be found in many manufacturing roles, including:

  • Automated doors
  • Electronic tape measures
  • Coolant head positioning
  • Assembly line automation
  • Injection molding
  • Blower, sealer, and welder positioning
  • Robotic arm movement
  • Clamping and gripping machines

Advantages of Using Linear Electric Actuators

Electric linear actuators have many advantages over pneumatic systems. For example, pneumatic actuators need oil and constant maintenance, but our electric actuators can run on green energy and require minimal maintenance. This makes our motion control systems better for the environment and easier to maintain.

A few more advantages of switching from pneumatic and hydraulic systems to electronic actuators are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Internal anti-rotation device
  • Flexible motor options
  • High force density
  • Sealed chamber design
  • The ability to run on green energy
  • Highly repeatable
  • Durable components mean a long life for our actuators
  • Easy to program and use

Do you need a dependable motion control system for your manufacturing company? Look no further than the electric linear actuators produced here, at Creative Motion Control. We have a proven track record of producing long-lasting and precise actuators that keep our customers coming back for more.