Linear Actuator Lift System

There’s a chance you’ve seen a linear actuator system as they exist in many industries, from farming to hospital applications. Linear actuators are motors that transfer rotational energy to linear movements, working only in one direction and moving across in a straight line. How much can a linear actuator lift? Keep reading to find out.

Linear Actuators

linear lift system

How Linear Actuators Work

Linear actuators maintain pushing and pulling motions as motors spin. The continuous motion transfers the rotational motion of a linear lift system into lifting and dropping movements, making processes that require significant manpower much easier and more effective than hydraulic systems. In addition to raising motions, linear actuators can translate rotational motions into other automated actions.

How Much They Can Lift

How much can a linear actuator lift? The answer to this question varies depending on the actuator but ranges from as little as 15 lbs to up to 2,000 lbs. It’s necessary to choose a linear lift that provides the ideal amount of force and lifting power for your planned application.

To calculate how much a linear actuator can lift, you must use the following equation to determine the linear actuator force: 

T = WL μ cos(??) + (WL/386.4) * (v/ta) + WL sin(??) + Fk

Be sure you know all factors going into actuator lift calculations so they are accurate. You’ll also need to understand friction, applied force, acceleration, and gravity to calculate how much a linear actuator can lift.

Different Linear Actuator Applications

NASA’s Mars Rover

The NASA Mars Rover contains a variety of actuators that power moving processes on the machine. Actuators power the wheels that move it along the red planet’s surface. Additionally, actuators are active in the sample collector, which requires lifting motions and more.


Vehicles also require actuators for movement. Cars are full of actuators, including everything from adjustable seats to windshield wipers. When you activate mechanical processes such as rolling the windows up and down, actuators are also at work. Additionally, changing your car’s tire involves an actuator in your car jack tool.


Robots have many moving parts that require actuators to complete each motion smoothly. A robot’s limbs, head, and eyes need actuators to perform repetitive walking motions, pick up objects, and more.


Movie sets use actuators to trigger events in scenes without needing hands-on involvement that could lead to a dangerous situation. Producers can rig props with lift actuator kits to get them to move during filming without risking bodily harm.


An actuator inside your iPhone controls your device’s vibration function when you receive a call or notification. A motor in your phone activates the actuator to run at a certain speed, resulting in the fast pace of your iPhone’s vibration setting.

Leading Manufacturer of Linear Actuators You Can Rely On

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