Linear Actuator Limit Switch

A linear actuator limit switch will increase your workplace productivity and efficiency. Linear motion control is becoming more vital to businesses worldwide each year.

Many manufacturing machines cannot handle the stress of lugging around dense objects. Thus, you should invest in a low maintenance limit switch actuator to get more longevity out of your machinery.

Creative Motion Control is a forward-thinking business that aims to develop innovative solutions for manufacturing, defense, and aerospace businesses.

Our motion technology helps your business become more efficient due to our talented engineering staff. Our team is full of intuitive engineers who have a world-class engineering skill set. Whether you are interested in our roller screws, linear actuators, or want us to develop a custom product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Do You Need Linear Actuators?

Simply put, a linear actuator switch kit makes carrying and transporting heavy loads possible with the click of a button. Industries such as manufacturing and aerospace businesses that frequently maneuver large objects find linear actuators practical.

The purpose of a linear actuator limit switch is to change the motion of an AC or DC motor from rotational to linear. This transformation makes your machines operate more efficiently.

Types of Linear Actuators

There are several different configurations for a line actuator limit switch.


The most popular configurations for actuators are belt-driven and screw-driven. These configurations make the actuator capable of lifting, carrying, and transporting heavy objects. There are many screw types you can use with these configurations. Our team will recommend the best option for your specific needs.

Pneumatic Driven

Pneumatic-driven actuators have electric qualities but are not under the electrical linear actuator umbrella. It is best to customize pneumatic-driven actuators to fit your desired load capacity.

Linear Motor Driven

If precision is what you are after, linear motor-driven actuators are your best bet. These actuators use profiled rails as their guide system and offer the highest travel accuracy. 

Pros and Cons of Linear Actuators

Pro 1: Low Maintenance

Our electrical, adjustable limit switch linear actuators eliminate the lubrication issues most actuators often face. We fill our linear limit switch actuators with oil for adequate lubrication. Thus, you have little to no maintenance to perform on your actuator switch.

Plus, this process prevents overloading, which can stop the actuator.

Pro 2: Ultimate Control

Perhaps the greatest attribute of an electric linear actuator is the control it gives you. You can configure factors such as speed, stroke lengths, and applied pressure.

Also, electric switches are quieter than their pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts and give you optimal flexibility in both their extracted and retracted positions.

Con 1: High Initial Cost

One of the disadvantages of electric linear actuators is it costs more upfront. However, with the higher expense, you get more longevity out of the limit switch.

Plus, you get more flexibility than pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

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