Electric Linear Actuator


CMC Actuator Advantages

Made in the U.S. by Creative Motion Control CPD actuators are completely designed and manufactured by CMC in the United States, including all of the main drive components: CMC Planetary Roller Screws, CMC Grooved Roller Bearings, and CMC Planetary Gearboxes. Maintenance Free Lack of appropriate or adequate lubrication is absolutely the number one failure mode in roller screws and roller screw actuators. Therefore CMC’s first goal in designing our own actuators was to eliminate lubrication issues. Since oil lubrication is the accepted optimal lubrication methodology for roller screw actuation, all CMC actuators are completely oil filled. Using CMC’s unique oil lubrication system, we have eliminated the need for re-lubrication schedules; the CPD Series is maintenance-free for the life of the unit for almost all applications. Custom oils are available for unusual temperature or projects with unusual lubrication challenges.    

Rugged Hydraulic Tie-Rod Construction
CMC’s actuators are extremely rugged and were designed with aggressive safety margins to ensure years of trouble-free operation, even under the most extreme applications.

Motor Mount Isolation
Another focal point for problems is the motor mount. The CPD series has a unique motor connection and is capable of easily connecting to virtually any motor. And motors can be removed/repaired/replaced without any disassembly of the actuator. In an effort to eliminate undue wear on motors and motor bearings, CMC’s unique design isolates the motor from potential side loads and avoids any resulting premature motor wear.

Internal Anti-Rotation
CPD actuators come standard with an internal anti-rotation feature, so you are free to design for your application without the added space, complexity or cost of external anti-rotation features.

IP65 Compliant
We understand that our actuators are often placed in harsh environments. So we designed the CPD Series to resist ingress of dirt, dust, grease, water, metal or wood chips. The main body parts are anodized for protection and ease of cleaning, and the O-Rings and elastomeric seals throughout provide the confidence that your asset is protected even in your most challenging operating environments.

Optional Absolute Position
CPD systems are available with an internal magnetostrictive absolute linear position feedback sensor: the Temposonic E Core by MTS. The output options include SSI, Analog, and CanOpen, and most/all of the industry standard motor controllers are able to accept this type of position feedback. These sensors enable accuracy to within ± .0002” and eliminate the need for limit switches or homing sensors.

Environmentally Friendly
The total cost of ownership of electromechanical actuators can be significantly lower compared to fluid power solutions due to the dramatically lower power consumption. In addition, fluid leaks, filter changes, and air bleeds are standard procedure with fluid power, and the environmental impact and cost of cleanup can be staggering.  With CMC actuators, these issues are in the past.  The cost savings, both in monetary terms and in protection of the environment, are real and immediate.