Roller Screws

Creative Motion Control’s Planetary Roller Screws transform rotary motion into linear movement. The rolling elements consist of threaded rods which enable excellent force density, very high load capacities, and long life.

CMC Roller Screws have several advantages over ball screws:

Load and Life

Due to the increase in contacts point compared to ball screws, roller screws have two to three times the dynamic load capacity in the same physical space. This translates to 15 to 25 times longer lifespan. In addition, the static load capacities are three times higher than ball screws.

Speed and Acceleration

Because there are no recycled ball bearings, roller screws can handle two to three times the rotational speeds of ball screws. In addition, the advanced roller design enables much higher acceleration rates as well.

Rigidity and Shock Tolerance

The increased contact points also enable up to three times the rigidity of a ball screw, and a much higher tolerance to shock loads.