Waterproof Linear Actuator Uses

Linear actuators make life easier for you and your employees. The innovative technology behind these tools enables your machinery to maneuver heavy objects around your workplace easily. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The basis of linear actuators is to transform rotational movement to linear movement, helping you maintain efficiency in […]

Linear Actuator Limit Switch

A linear actuator limit switch will increase your workplace productivity and efficiency. Linear motion control is becoming more vital to businesses worldwide each year. Many manufacturing machines cannot handle the stress of lugging around dense objects. Thus, you should invest in a low maintenance limit switch actuator to get more longevity out of your machinery. […]

What is a Planetary Roller Screw?

Planetary Roller Screw – Applications and Benefits A planetary roller screw transforms rotational movement into linear movement. Many industries apply roller screws into their machines for higher load densities, faster transportation times, and longer lifespans. Planetary roller screws operate on the principle that running on a straight line is more efficient than rotational movement. Linear […]