Micro Linear Actuators

Micro linear actuators may sound like technology out of the space age, and in a way, they are—out of the space-saving age. These little machines work behind the scenes to turn clutter into clarity in your home or office space. Micro linear actuators pack a punch in a smaller package. These practical micros are becoming […]

High Speed Linear Actuators

Creative Motion Control is proud to stock the PA-15 High Speed Linear Actuator. This overview willdescribe high speed linear actuators like the PA-15, how they work, and why they are vital part inmodern industry. What Is an Ultra High Speed Linear Actuator? An actuator is a component in a device that makes a particular kind […]

Variable Speed Linear Actuator

View Post A Short Introduction To Linear Actuators An electromechanical linear actuator serves as a standard machine component that converts an electric rotary motor’s rotational movement into a linear force. Linear actuators require a power source input and a control signal input to function. When receiving energy and a control signal input, a linear actuator […]