What is a Belt Driven Linear Actuator

A belt-driven linear actuator is a device that translates rotary motion to linear motion via a timing belt connected to two circular pulleys. This type of actuator operates under the same principles as the conveyor belt system. Belt-driven actuators are generally preferred for applications with lower loads that require longer stroke lengths and higher speeds. […]

What is an Aircraft Actuator

Aircraft actuators are devices that can transmit and redirect one form of motion energy to another. The source of energy may be electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Actuation systems have many critical applications in the aviation industry. They’re used to operate everything from cargo bay doors and landing gear to engine components and flight control surfaces. […]

What Is a Miniature Linear Actuator?

You may be surprised to know that you interact with a miniature linear actuator in everyday machinery without knowing it. A micro linear actuator is vital for many motion control systems to move and control objects.  Miniature actuators can be mechanical, electric, hydraulic, or pneumatically powered. Most of them consist of a basic construction with […]