Linear Actuator Uses: Common Applications

Linear actuators offer a cost-effective solution to move loads in a straight line. The device comes in multiple forms, ranging from telescoping to twisted and coiled. You may be wondering, “What are the uses for a linear actuator?” Here are nine of the most common uses for a linear actuator to help you make the […]

Simple Guide to How Electric Motorized Linear Actuators Work

Linear actuators are a common part of our everyday lives, and many people don’t know how much they actually rely on them. The earliest form of an actuator dates back to Roman Egypt. This machine component is available in many different forms, such as mechanical and hydraulic. The latest type of actuator is the motorized […]

Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator

The history of heavy-duty linear actuators goes back much farther than you may think. In fact, it begins in the 1st century AD, with the appearance of Hero of Alexandria’s famous aeolipile — the first steam engine ever created. Over one thousand years later, in the mid-1670s, the French physicist, Denis Papin, made the next […]