Linear Actuators for Robotics

Robotics play an integral part in the world’s industrial automation world. Linear actuators for robotics are complex systems that help drive robotic motions, navigation, and interaction with objects.  Types of Actuators Used for Robotics Robotic actuators typically fall within two categories: linear motion and rotational motion. Linear robots rely on a linear motion that produces […]

How Accurate are Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are electric devices that create linear motion in specific applications. To determine how accurate an actuator is, you have to understand the specifications of the actuator itself.   The accuracy of an actuator is about its ability to achieve a commanded position. To truly measure accuracy, you have to also consider repeatability. Depending on […]

What is a Belt Driven Linear Actuator

A belt-driven linear actuator is a device that translates rotary motion to linear motion via a timing belt connected to two circular pulleys. This type of actuator operates under the same principles as the conveyor belt system. Belt-driven actuators are generally preferred for applications with lower loads that require longer stroke lengths and higher speeds. […]