How to Replace a Linear Actuator Micro Limit Switch

Linear Actuator Micro Limit Switch

If you have some mechanical experience, you might know about linear actuators. If not, these are devices that create a movement along a straight line. Manufacturers often include actuators in pneumatic or hydraulic machinery, and they can be either electrical or mechanical. Though linear actuators can be large enough to operate a swing boom crane, […]

Small Linear Actuator Can Accomplish Big Things

What Is a Small Linear Actuator? An actuator is the part of a machine that receives a signal from a control device and puts other pieces of equipment in motion. Sounds pretty important, right? Actuators are vital to make sure that each part of a machine fires in synchronization. Let’s take a look at what […]

Everything You Need to Know about How to Choose a Linear Actuator

How to Choose a Linear Actuator

Linear actuators are used in everything from industrial and agricultural machinery, robotics, cutting tools to everyday apparatus to control movements within a machine. Unlike electric motors that use a circular motion, linear actuators create straight motion. Linear actuators are powered by electricity, pressurized fluid, air, or manually. Without actuators, industry would come to a standstill. […]