Linear Actuator Lift System

There’s a chance you’ve seen a linear actuator system as they exist in many industries, from farming to hospital applications. Linear actuators are motors that transfer rotational energy to linear movements, working only in one direction and moving across in a straight line. How much can a linear actuator lift? Keep reading to find out. […]

Choose the Best – Electric Actuator vs. Hydraulic Actuator

Actuators are systems that convert energy into torque to move components in various equipment. Even if you’re unfamiliar with actuators, you encounter them daily in machines like vehicle brake lines, industrial robots, and cell phones. The motions that actuators produce can be linear (straight lines) or rotary (revolving on an axis). Actuators get their power […]

Waterproof Linear Actuator Uses

Linear actuators make life easier for you and your employees. The innovative technology behind these tools enables your machinery to maneuver heavy objects around your workplace easily. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The basis of linear actuators is to transform rotational movement to linear movement, helping you maintain efficiency in […]