Variable Speed Linear Actuator

View Post A Short Introduction To Linear Actuators An electromechanical linear actuator serves as a standard machine component that converts an electric rotary motor’s rotational movement into a linear force. Linear actuators require a power source input and a control signal input to function. When receiving energy and a control signal input, a linear actuator […]

The Benefits of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

A Short Introduction to Ball Bearings Rolling bearings are an essential component of rotating or oscillating machine elements. They help support and guide rotational movement and transfer loads between different components, such as axles, shafts, and wheels. Ball bearings are a type of rolling bearing that have a ball rolling element. This ball sits in […]

How to Replace a Linear Actuator Micro Limit Switch

Linear Actuator Micro Limit Switch

If you have some mechanical experience, you might know about linear actuators. If not, these are devices that create a movement along a straight line. Manufacturers often include actuators in pneumatic or hydraulic machinery, and they can be either electrical or mechanical. Though linear actuators can be large enough to operate a swing boom crane, […]