Micro Linear Actuators

Micro linear actuators may sound like technology out of the space age, and in a way, they are—out of the space-saving age. These little machines work behind the scenes to turn clutter into clarity in your home or office space. Micro linear actuators pack a punch in a smaller package.

These practical micros are becoming more common in the consumer market and have a long history of use in the medical and automotive fields. Have you ever thought about the innovative engineering behind the movement of your vehicle’s side mirrors as you adjust them to fit your perspective? Or the delicate operation of a robotic arm in a medical setting?

Creative Motion Control has thought about these applications for linear actuators. We think a lot about how our game-changing motion control technologies create small parts that make a big impact.

Types of Micro Linear Actuators

Micro linear actuators have all the performance and functionality of an electronic linear actuator in a compact, space-saving size. They come in three types: electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic.

Electronic Micro Linear Actuators run on electricity.

Hydraulic Actuators operate on hydraulic power, and

Pneumatic linear actuators use compressed air to power the device pneumatically.

Each type has its benefits and downsides. Our engineering and design experts can talk through your project idea with you to figure out which actuator design, stroke length, speed, and force best suits your needs.

Do you need multiple programmable speeds? If so, an electronic actuator might be your best option. Do you need the most powerful actuator out there that exhibits the most force? Then, consider a hydraulic or pneumatic model.

Characteristics of Micro Linear Actuators

Technically speaking, linear actuators convert rotary motion into linear motion. Practically speaking, they transform non-functional spaces into innovative storage compartments. Adding movement to what was once stationary increases functionality and accessibility and brings machines to life!  

The unique oil lubrication system of our linear actuators makes them maintenance-free for almost all applications.

Replacing bulky hydraulic and pneumatic actuators with electronic micro actuators results in lower energy consumption and increased functionality, along with ease of installation and maintenance. Micro linear actuators ensure space and energy efficiency, leaving a smaller footprint in your square footage and electrical grid.

Uses of Micro Linear Actuators

Turning rotational energy into linear movement, micro actuators are ideally suited for use in space-saving projects in your home or office. They can give motion to products that tuck away beds in tiny homes or houseboats or raise a TV from a hidden storage compartment in your RV or cabin getaway.

If you’re striving to make your home or business more accessible, you need micro linear actuators to power stairlifts, extend ramps, or raise and lower tables and counters.

Whether it’s utilizing that lost space in your home or increasing efficiency on the production floor, let our team at Creative Motion Control help transform your space through movement. Contact us in Woodinville, WA, at (425) 800-8045 or get in touch through our website.

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