CMC Grooved Roller Bearings Technical Information

The CMC Grooved Roller Bearing (GRB) difference lies in the patented grooved roller and race designs. The design increases the number of contact points in the same physical space. More contact points means longer life and greater load capacity, and longer life and greater load capacity means savings.

In this way, the CMC GRB can be an exact di-mensional replacement for existing designs where significantly longer life is desired.

With new designs, the Grooved Roller Bearing delivers a unique opportunity for size and weight reduction. By providing a smaller yet more capa-ble bearing, overall system size and weight are optimized, and next higher assembly costs are reduced.

Also, in linear motion applications, by providing a smaller bearing the ball or roller screw shaft complexity is simplified, overall system weight is reduced, and next higher assembly costs opti-mized.